FIleMaker Server 11 and 12 Advanced

run up to 125 databases
supports FileMaker versions 7,8,9, 10 and 11 (select version Server 11)
supports FIleMaker versions 12 (select version Server 12)
web control panel for database open/close, schedules
250 filemaker connections database open-remote
100 iwp/cwp connections, instant web publishing and custom web publishing xml/xlst/php
intel xeon chipset
daily database backup, access to 7 days offsite backup (storage charges apply)
dedicated server ip address
dedicated SSL available (yearly fee applies)
bandwidth utilisation included (selected datacentres)
choice of regional datacentre

dedicated server from $125/monthly
select version
FIleMaker Server 11 (.fp7)
FIleMaker Server 12 (.fmp12)

also availbale

FileMaker Hosting per database $10/monthly
select version
FileMaker 11 (.fp7)
FIleMaker 12 (.fmp12)

choice of region